The Veterans’ Stabilisation Programme (VSP)

VSP is a 16 week veteran specific outpatient treatment programme. It is provided through a partnership with the Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing and the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

This cognitive based therapy group has been developed by CEO, Luke Woodley, Clinical Psychologist Dr Roger Kingerlee and NHS Mindfulness practitioner John King.

We work with veterans by educating them about mental health in Norfolk & Suffolk

Veterans are helped to explore options to move forward by understanding their symptoms, finding ways to change their mindset and learn new skills to manage their conditions.

Groups consist of six to eight veterans.  Meetings are once a week and last two hours.

Veterans can be referred by their GP or health and social care professional.  They may also self refer by contacting Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing, directly.  They may also contact The Wellbeing Service or call them on 0300 123 1503.

VSP experiences

After my marriage broke down, then I lost access to my son as well as getting into financial problems and very bad mental health issues, The Walnut Tree Project has helped me tremendously to get my life back on track and slowly return to my former self.

I have met and made some fantastic new friends via the project and I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for Luke Woodley and The Walnut Tree Project’s (Veterans Stabilisation Program) then I wouldn’t be here now to tell my tale.

I owe them my life.


I first met Luke back in September when I ended up in HMP Norwich after being diagnosed with PTSD, since then the Walnut Tree Project has helped me in so many ways I now feel like I’ve got everything to live for !

Just want to say a massive thank you to Luke and the team for all the support from starting with court, dealing with a certain individual, and helping with the move to our new home. And starting the veterans stabilisation program, This service is crucial in supporting veterans and deserves the credit in the world.