CEO – Luke Woodley

Luke is an experienced mental health professional, working closely with mental health organisations, reaching out to and helping other individuals with complex mental health conditions including PTSD.

Luke established Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing C.I.C after managing to rebuild his life having developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), whilst in active service in war torn areas of the world.

Under Lukes’ leadership, vital services have been developed such as:

The Veterans’ Stabilisation Programme (VSP)

Complex mental health issues support for emergency service personnel and serving members of the armed forces, military v

A cognitive based therapy group developed by Luke, Clinical Psychologist Dr Kingerlee and NHS Mindfulness practitioner John King.

The Community Response Team (CRT)

CRT delivers expert help and peer support to registered individuals facing mental health crisis across Norfolk and Waveney.

Out of hours help is provided by experienced teams. Wherever needed, a response car will visit the registered individual, offering mental health support and assessment by a specialist team, together with help accessing other services.

Luke, with his team, is always looking to improve and deliver new services for those that need them.