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Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing C.I.C delivers:

  • health recovery activities
  • crisis support
  • coaching and mentoring

for those suffering with complex mental health needs including addiction brought about by out of the ordinary traumatic experiences.

Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing C.I.C  supports:

  • emergency service personnel
  • serving armed forces members
  • military veterans
  • others

Services are delivered in a supportive and specialised environment; offering a pathway into self-directed mental health recovery.

Our focus is on reducing relapse rates and reliance on ongoing acute mental health services.

Activities inspire and motivate  individuals and their families to find a better and more sustainable future.

We believe that recovery comes from within. Therefore, it is not something that health services do for people. It is, effectively, a personal journey of recovery. This can be seen as a process of rebuilding your life following devastating and life changing events.  It is a personally generated process underpinned by a set of positive life goals, ambitions and dreams, all set by the individuals themselves.

Whether you are an affected individual, friend or a family member; or if you know an individual who maybe suffering don’t delay.  Contact us  today!

We are a not for profit organisation, therefore we reinvest profits from our paid for services to fund our charitable objectives.